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Hip hop music, A Little More Country Than That, And Jt, DJ*EZ, Starkillers, DJ ICON, DJ Skribble, DJ Danny Diggz, DJ RED HOTT!!!, SKITCH, Tiësto, DJ C.Nile, I Love Vinyl, DJ Linz, DJ_D_FR3SH, Dj TheChosenOne, Krissy RockStar, Lady Millz, Mojo, Vago-G, Amplefi Music Group, Ancient Intelligence, Directions, DJ Uniek, T.N.T. - The Official AC/DC Tribute, Dj Shaykee, Katie Boeck, Adam Goldstein, STR8 Entertainment Records, Estee Gabay, DJ Smallz, Soulja Boy Tell Em, DeFekt, DJ Scarlett, DJ ELEMENTZ (VIBRANTSOUNDZ PRODUCTIONS), MRZ TAZZ, Rod B Washington of N.O.V.U Productions LLC, LimeLyte, TwinD1st Century Entertainment, WETRYTOMIXX YOUTH TURNTABLE CLINIC OF CENTRAL VALLEY, YapNational, N.H.L. National Hustling League Ent, Valerie Molano, New IMAGE Band, Lil Wayne, New Chase, Don B, Drama Boy Entertainment, The Club Bullies, Electric Friends, REL1, David Guetta, Offical DJ 5ive Fan Page, FUNKIN'GONUTS.SOUNDFACTORY, A-Team Music Group, CAROLINA QUICK, WOADYFACE WILDBABI, Woady Wild, ReaL-TaLqK, DJ Qbert, Bert Does It Best, Shahlin, David Tao, DJ Felli Fel Official Facebook Fan Page, 40 Acres & A White Girl, Dj Rehab, DJ Natty Heavy, Tropix International Sounds, QUE, DJ AM, DJ R Dot
Favorite TV Shows:
Burn Notice, Rob & Big, Live 5 News, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, That 70's Show, The New Voices Tour 2010, House, Butterflies
Favorite Movies:
Bettle Juice, Alpha Dog, The Departed, 21, Dear John
Favorite Books:
Harry Potter, Walter Dean Myers
Favorite Quotes:
if you can't blind them with brilliance , baffle them with bullshit.
About Me:
I once was a caring person. I once was the person everyone wanted to be around. I once was a loving man who would do anything for anyone. Now I'm just a plain ol' asshole. I strive for success only in one catagory. MY CAREER. I have hurt alot of people in my past but it has made me realize that I do need people in my life. I thought I could never have anyone love me after my aunt died.

I still feel the same way! Don't feel sorry for me, My music tells the whole story and I DJ every show like its my last!